I wish… I was back on that stage. It made the whole semester worth it. What a fantastic night!

story #2

many years into the future, in a time that we might recognize, but at the same time feel foreign and unsettled in,
humans become so desperate for the answers of the world, the universe, and life, that they’ve dedicated all their resources and energy into
anything with fingers, with paws, with limbs, (animals and humans alike) are located in these mass factories, where all day long, they do nothing but pound at keyboards and make random letters and numbers appear. 
the logic is that if these digits were completely random, then anything and everything is contained within them, lovers, lives, and lies…. and even the truth. 
but the whole point is that the typing is unguided and meaningless, so any creature smart enough to use the pattern in the keys are blinded and given new sets of keys every day

and that’s what the world will be like one day.

drinking the sugar water from the bottom of a jar of peaces
and things have not been this difficult in a while
(as they have been in the last few weeks)
i’m starting to wonder if summer classes are a good idea, 
i know i’m all about stretching myself to the limit in college to see how far i can go, then pulling back only when i reach the breaking point
but what if it’s too late for me to slow down and i run right past the edge off of this very steep and scary cliff? 

i’m thinking that if i  had a cat or maybe a bunny things would be a little bit better and i would feel a little less bad. 

i just realized — in my entire life, i don’t think i’ve stayed in one country for an entire year straight. 

Walking home tonight I was whistling zero to hero from Hercules to myself and when I finished the guy walking in front of me turned around and gave me snaps and said great whistling I really enjoyed that

i just got home and i’m feeling kind of floaty and dizzy, like my body is light enough to be pushed around by a small breeze. it’s such a beautiful day outside that i felt like i was drunk off the sunshine on my skin. walking outside, i couldn’t think too coherently, the warm air was too intoxicating. suddenly, the smell of the flowers, the honeysuckles, floated past me, and it’s almost too much, and i think i’ve never felt so content and full just from the sunshine and the air of a beautiful day.

story #1

once upon a time, there lived a little girl and her younger brother. the little girl hated her brother more than anything in the world. he was always breaking her things, always crying, asking her questions, and plus, her parents paid far too much attention to him.
on the morning of her 9th birthday, the little girl hopped out of bed and got ready to try on her beautiful new birthday dress. however, she soon saw her favorite china doll set smashed to pieces on the floor. she let out a big scream. she knew exactly who had done it, it was her bratty, stupid little brother who was always in her room and touching her things. 
her mom and dad cleaned up the mess and shushed her crying and told her they would buy her a brand new china doll set. still, all day, she could only think about how much she hated her stupid little brother and how he had ruined her 9th birthday. when the cake was brought out, she squeezed her eyes shut and thought in her head,
"i wish, i wish, i wish, 
i wish that my little brother was never born”. 
then she blew out the 9 candles.
the next morning, the little girl opened her eyes to the sun streaming through her window. it was the day after her 9th birthday. her wish had come true; her little brother was never born and she was an only child. however, she didn’t know that she ever had a little brother, because how could she, if he was never born? she lived a very good life and was a very happy girl. her parents showered her with attention and gifts. they lived in a bigger house and she went to a nicer school because her family had more money to spend. at times she felt a tiny bit lonely, being an only child, but she was a very social girl and always had friends around, and her friends loved to play in her house because she had so many dolls and toys. she grew up strong, healthy, and happy. in high school, her mother had a brief scare with breast cancer, but after a small procedure, the cancer was removed and she was healthy again. they all lived long and happy lives.
and that’s the end.

now i’m starting girl, interrupted even though i’ve seen it before

my wonderful and eventful day alone:

- ice cream for breakfast (special flavors like white pepper chocolate chip which is better than you think)
- defeated a gym leader in pokemon
- 13 going on 30 with some chocolate fondue and strawberries for company
- jam session with myself, inspired by the soundtrack from 13 going on 30
- what’s eating gilbert grape (recommend!) with some dinner (poached egg sandwich and banana chocolate walnut bread. repeats, but my faves)
- jiro dreams of sushi in bed
- ordered spoon rocket
- went to work
- first position (ballet documentary) while at work

everything was/is great.